el marijuano boricua
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Please be joking

port o’ rico

guys remember when

But like Spanish is a language but it's not a nationality like they speak Spanish in Mexico and Port o' Rico and stuff but it's not like theres a place called Spania full of Spanish *people* asked by Anonymous

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How you gonna act like you’re down with civil rights then refer to Black people as “colored.”

Language is important, people.

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I feel like weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

Moral of the story, friends who like to antagonize people for no reason and argue back and forth are a pain in the ass to have.

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We had a party in our apartment and the people that are still here are cleaning up. Word.

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I find this American fear that all those darned evil Muslims are going to invade the US pretty laughable. Ya’ll really think a country that spends the majority of its money (that it doesn’t even have) on military technology and development is ever going to be invaded? HA. I’d be more scared of all the shit that’s being developed and made possible through tax dollars than a non-existent threat.

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